OPTIMA® down duvets and pillows

  • Bedding for exacting sleep comfort
  • Natural down and feather filling for perfect warmth retention
  • Unrivalled level of hygiene and purity
  • Washable up to 60°C

BRINKHAUS down duvets and pillows are our traditional night-time companions of choice; their unmatched snugness makes them ideal for demanding hotel guests. They offer first-class comfort and their heat insulation and ability to balance out the temperature are the best any material can provide. The exceptional quality of the Optima® down duvets and pillows is due to carefully chosen materials and the very latest manufacturing techniques – made in Europe.

We guarantee that our down duvets and pillows will meet an unsurpassed standard of hygiene and purity.

The Optima®range

With our Optima® range, we offer you a selection of high-value down duvets of varying quality grades, complemented by pillows specially developed for the demands of the hotel industry.

Optima® BASIC


Down duvet, Plus three-chamber, three-chamber


Down duvet, feather pillow

Optima® BASIC

Down duvet, Plus feather, pillow

Duck or goose

Did you know?

You can also find information on the differences between down and feathers, and further details on eider, goose and duck down, as well as textile fibres, on brinkhaus.de

We have listed some care and sleeping tips, as well.






Film about the fulfillment of the provisions of the downpass 2017


Film about the fulfillment of the provisions of the downpass 2017


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